Kumba is my artist name...

Dominique is from Montpellier, a city poised on the Mediterranean coast in the South of France, a city known for its universities, art scene and culture diversity. During the summer of 1990, Dominique decided to relocate himself to California. For the past 27 years he has been living around the San Francisco Bay Area and  relocated to the Gold Country 4 years ago. Dominique graduated from photography school in France on April 1989. His photographic style is based on a lot of black and white and natural light studies. His specialty is Portraiture. 

In 1994, Dominique fell in love with the Arabian Horse when living in Marin County, when he decided to breed a mare to the Purebred Arabian stallion RED HAWK, a stallion at Stud at the time at Bob Daugherty's Arabian Horse Ranch in Nicasio. Dominique would live there for a few years. With the help of Bob Daugherty, he would start working at shows in California. From there, his journey would take him to some of the best European show rings such as the Salon Du Cheval in Paris and Aachen in Germany.

Dominique has worked for several International magazines covering horse shows, breeding farms and the Tevis Cup 100 miles endurance ride in the Sierra Nevada (USA) which he has been covering since 1999 as well as other Endurance race events in California. Lately, Dominique traveled to France and Italy to cover new Endurance events back in Europe and his work has been published in the Nederlands, England, France, Italy and Slovenia. 

The photographer studied Art in France at the BEAUX ARTS, the French National Art School and was a painter and graphic artist before attending photography School. He would graduate in April, 1989.

In 2011, Dominique would discover a new passion, photographing belly dancers. This new venture is something he does on a regular basis. Tribal Fest in Sebastopol California would be the first big event he would photograph. His passion to photograph this ART IN MOTION
is growing every day! 

Dominique has also been riding motorcycles since age 14. He still rides today and enjoys photographing and making art around the bikes! 

"There is nothing more magical than the natural light surrounding us every day. 
It is the source of my inspiration"

Dominique Cognee,

photographer and artist.

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